Goldcard ENESYS Smart Gas Industrial and Commercial Solution

Goldcard ENESYS Smart Gas Industrial and Commercial Solution

As China is promoting energy saving and environment protection, industrial and commercial customers use more natural gas. In this case, how to improve services for major customers and guarantee revenue is the core of precise management in gas enterprises.

Relying on the latest technologies such as cloud computing and mobile application, the advanced Goldcard ENESYS smart gas industrial and commercial solution is specially designed for major gas enterprises to meet their management and service requirements by combining the features of Tancy’s smart industrial and commercial flowmeters. The solution improves precise measurement, smart transmission, theft-against protection, and convenient service capabilities of industrial and commercial customers.


Using this system, urban gas enterprises can realize the following functions:

Meter integrati

Three-in-one: Smart meters, IC card meters, and common meters can be integrated.

Integration of Tancy meters: Various types of smart Tancy instruments are embedded, including gas turbine flowmeters, roots flowmeters, vortex precession flowmeters, volume correctors, and CPU card industrial gas flowmeters.

Various types of available communication technologies: Multiple communication transmission technologies, such as GPRS and NB-IoT, are supported.

Third-party expansion: The system can be flexibly integrated with the third-party billing customer service systems and smart industrial flowmeter collection and IC card gas purchasing control applications to build a unified measurement and management platform for gas enterprises and industrial and commercial customers.

Collection Platform

Device management: multi-device management and collection frequency grouping

Collection engine: multi-protocol supported with proactive long and short connections

Data collection: data collection, verification, integration, and dissemination

Command management: management of periodically and interactively triggered commands

Operation monitoring: meter, device, and network monitoring and data collection monitoring


Service Management System

Customer management: customer archives management, service-related operations, and overall query

Meter management: ledger management and meter installation, removing, and replacement

IC card management: card registration and reissuing and gas supplementary

Recharging and gas purchasing: recharging and gas purchasing functions of IC cards

Price management: tiered tariff formulation and releasing

Customer analysis: consuming trend of industrial and commercial customers in multiple dimensions


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