LLH-type Master Meter Method Gas Flow Standard Device
Convenient, cost-effective, practical, and standard device

LLH-type Master Meter Method Gas Flow Standard Device

LLH-type Master Meter method gas flow standard device is a convenient, economical and practical standard device, using high-precision rotary meter or turbine meter as Master Meter. It is suitable for verification and recalibrations of the positive displacement and velocity-type flowmeters.


● The device can be used for detection and calibration of various gas flowmeter,

● The device can test the performance of gas flowmeter to provide reference data for research and development.

Key Technologies

Pulse interpolation technology, automatic pneumatic clamp, error data calculation and flow regulation &control.

Product Parameters 

Customized products, reference flow range of the device is 1~3000m3/h, DN size of MUT is DN20~DN200.

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