Goldcard public welfare foundation officially established
2019-03-02 17:04:41

On 1st of March, Goldcard public welfare foundation was officially established at the site of the 2016 G20 summit, Hangzhou International Expo Center.On 1st of March, Goldcard public welfare foundation was officially established at the site of the 2016 G20 summit, Hangzhou International Expo Center.。

Goldcard public welfare foundation was initiated by Mr. Yang bin, chairman of the board of directors of Goldcard smart group. Mr. Yang said, the mission of our foundation is to assist individual development, to help with society harmony and to make life better, and the vision is to gather the power of kindness, and create a better future. We hope to advocate and encourage more people to care about people's livelihood, care for others and promote social harmonious development, through good projects like education, medical care, poverty alleviation etc..

Actually before the foundation was set up, Goldcard together with its subsidiaries have been keeping working on a lot of charity projects, like Goldcard has been sticking to projects called ‘care for deaf children’, and ‘fixed-point poverty alleviation and aid construction project’ in Sinkiang for years; Tancy has funded for the local education development, and supported in promoting local public welfare volunteer activities; Enesys donated for the Wenchuan earthquake, etc. All these have expressed our purpose of being grateful to the times, willing to return for the society. Now we have a professional organization Goldcard public welfare foundation, we will carry out the daily operation of the foundation according to the three strategies of "building kindness, seeking love and doing wisdom". Ms. Wang Zhe, executive vice President of Goldcard Smart Group, and chairman of the foundation said.


Recently, Goldcard public welfare foundation donated medical equipment to Arusha Tanzania, intended to help with the local disease cure and the development of health business. It was highly evaluated by local governments, meanwhile, the Chinese embassy in Tanzania, the local mainstream media, and the domestic media reported on the donation activity.


Recently, Goldcard public welfare foundation donated medical equipment to Arusha Tanzania, intended to help with the local disease cure and the development of health business. It was highly evaluated by local governments, meanwhile, the Chinese embassy in Tanzania, the local mainstream media, and the domestic media reported on the donation activity.-Regional Commissioner of Arusha MrishoGambo, Counsellor Gao of Chinese Embassy, Vice Presidents of China Goldcard Mr. Qiu Liang and Mr. He Guowen attended the donation ceremony



-The local mainstream media reported this donation activity

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