Star product application cases- TUA ultrasonic gas flow meter
2019-03-15 16:25:22

With the further promotion of national energy conservation and environmental protection, the consumption of natural gas by industrial and commercial users has increased sharply. Facing such a huge group of gas users, to help the industrial and commercial enterprises to solve those management challenges is imminent.

a) High supply and sales difference (unaccounted gas)

b) Gas stealing

c) Massive field maintenance requirement

d) Not convenient to buy/sell gas

e) Diversified application scenarios, high demand on measuring range

f) Data security is not guaranteed

Electronic measurement, the future has come. Ultrasonic gas flowmeter with its advantages including non-contact measurement, no movement parts, no pressure loss, ultra-low starting flow, precise metering accuracy and intelligent applications, etc., has become a hot pursuit of gas enterprises.

After years of concentrated research, Goldcard launched TUA ultrasonic gas flowmeter in 2017, and has deployed nearly 1,000 units nationwide.



TUA ultrasonic gas flow meter Features 

● Low start rate, wide measuring range ratio

There are massive Industrial and commercial applications scenarios, take the catering industry as an example, at the time when the passengers are concentrated, several stoves will be used at the same time, the gas consumption is large, while the other times the gas consumption will be small, and there might even be cases that small fire is kept on in the nights for cooking soup, which means that the requirement on meter measuring range is high. The TUA ultrasonic gas flowmeter has a wide measuring range, it can measure from 0.05 m/s to 30 m/s, with a range ratio of 1:700, which meets the gas pipelines safety design requirements≤30 m/s. It has a very high sensitivity, can measure very small flow, ensure uninterrupted measurement, and can adapt to occasions with large differences in peak to valley gas consumption.


● With rotating rectifier, low requirements on front and rear straight pile 

TUA ultrasonic gas flowmeter is equipped with rotating rectifier, which is an independently developed and patented technology. By rotating the rectifier, the original uncertain flow field will be disrupted, and then reform the flow field. By utilizing this rectifier, the front straight pile can be shortened from over 20D to less than 5D, largely reduces the installation length, optimizes requirements on installation space, and the impact on the accuracy is controlled within 1%.

● High pollution resistance and less maintenance required

The installation environment of Industrial and commercial gas flowmeter is complex, the management cost goes up when more maintenance required. Ultrasonic gas flowmeter has no movement parts, with unique penetration characteristics and self-cleaning function, ensures the can not be affected by dust, water vapor, etc., the measurement accuracy will not change after long-term operation, and less maintenance required.


● Long life time

TUA ultrasonic flowmeter has no exposed cable, which not only has higher reliability, but also provides safety guarantee for transportation and calibration. No movement parts, no mechanical failure, no jamming or slow walking, etc.. The life time is concerned only with electronic components. Dual backup lithium battery power supply, can be used for over 6 years.


●IoT based Smart management can be formed

TUA ultrasonic flowmeter has NB-IoT based built-in remote transmission module, which can realize remote data transmission, provide on-site diagnosis log, and help gas enterprises to predict; 

Online payment by industrial and commercial users can be realized; 

Abnormal alarm can be achieved to ensure safety; 

It can realize real time monitoring, especially can restrain theft effectively;

Big data management can be achieved, and reduce the difference between supply and sales.


TUA ultrasonic gas flow meter

1) Application Scenarios 

Industrial user application scenarios

Gas appliance: Boiler 

Gas consumption features: intermittent gas consumption, unstable gas consumption, instant turn on/off gas supply, etc.



2) Industrial user application scenarios

Gas appliance: Kiln 

Gas consumption features: continuous gas supply is important at normal work, unstable and wide range gas consumption.



3) Commercial users (catering industry)

Gas appliance: Stove

Gas consumption features: unstable gas consumption, range ratio of Qmax to Qmin can reach 1:60.




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