Hangzhou Gas Group
Hangzhou Gas Group


As the whole market is developing quickly, gas companies have raised higher requirements on metering products involved in the trade settlement. Besides accurate measurement, they are also required to support real-time, convenient, cost-effective, and efficient monitoring and management. Therefore, Tancy Instrument Group developed TFC-B and TFC-V volume correctors and TRC series products to enable the wireless remote data transmission function for the existing field flowmeters in use.

Gas Company Introduction

As the owner of natural gas utilization engineering construction and operation in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Gas Group owes 21 holding and joint stock companies with services covering high-, medium-, and low-pressure natural gas transportation, sales, and services, gas engineering installation, distributed energy, liquefied gas sales, gas appliance sales, installation, and maintenance, and natural gas for vehicles. Hangzhou Gas Group has supplied natural gas for main urban areas, Xiaoshan, Yuhan, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Lin’an, Fuyang, Tonglu, Jiande, and Chun’an in Hangzhou.

Challenges for Gas Company

As gas usage is popularized, some gas users steal gas in different ways for their benefit. This happens in various cities and greatly harms gas company’ interests.

Products and Applications

1. For Tancy’s flowmeters produced before 2013, pressure sensors and temperature sensors need to be replaced. Original volume correctors need to be replaced by TFC volume correctors to enable the integrated wireless remote transmission function.

2. For Tancy’s flowmeters produced in and after 2013, only original volume correctors need to be replaced by TFC volume correctors to enable the integrated wireless remote transmission function.

3. Flowmeter data is first transmitted to the TRC data collector using RS485 or RS232, and then transmitted to the application terminal by the built-in wireless remote transmission module in the TRC collector through the GPRS or CDMA network. The split flowmeter wireless remote transmission function is enabled thereby. Each TRC data collector can provide the wireless remote transmission function for a maximum of eight flowmeters.

Main Revenue or Value for Gas Company

Data of all flowmeters can be transmitted to a monitoring office, in which alarms including temperature and pressure abnormal conditions can be monitored. Company staff can perform real-time communication, monitoring and management on all flowmeters in the field without leaving the monitoring office. In this case, they can find problems in time and take measures immediately, which greatly saved labor and material resources for the gas company, and also with its quality of the services improved.

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