Beijing Gas Group
Beijing Gas Group


Currently, gas company requires real-time control on user information, while users hope that gas company can provide faster and more convenient services. Therefore, Tancy Instrument Group developed the FCC flowmeter control compensator for the flowmeters in use. The compensator has both the pre-payment and wireless remote transmission functions integrated on a secondary meter, which greatly avoids the deviation generated when the pre-payment function and wireless remote transmission function are deployed in two separate systems.

Gas Company Introduction

Currently, Beijing Gas has 21 functional departments in its headquarter, 7 branch offices, 8 professional organizations, 8 wholly-owned subsidiaries, and 19 holding companies and joint stock companies. As the largest monomer city gas supplier in China, Beijing Gas is leading in the pipe network scale, number of gas users, annual gas usage, and annual sales revenue. Gas usage is also expanded from civil cooking to multiple fields including industry, heating, cooling, power supply, gas vehicles, and distributed energy resources.

Challenges for Gas Company

As gas usage is popularized, some gas users steal gas in different ways for their benefit. This happens in various cities and greatly harms gas company’ interests. However, as gas stealing can be done in different ways, it is hard for device manufacturers to take all conditions into consideration, and some stealing behaviors even cannot be prevented by using technologies. Therefore, not only device manufacturers are required to adopt reliable anti-tamper technologies, but also gas company are supposed to make efforts on management, maintenance, and advertisement.

Products and Applications

1. For flowmeters produced before 2013, flow sensors, pressure sensors, and temperature sensors need to be replaced. Original volume correctors cannot be used any more.

2. For flowmeters produced after 2013, only volume correctors need to be changed.

After the reconstruction, the pre-payment and wireless remote transmission functions are enabled on the existing flowmeters.

Main Revenue or Value for Gas Company

In 2015, the natural gas supply was 13.854 billion m3, the number of pipeline gas users in and around Beijing was 6.6 million, and 22,800 km natural pipelines were in use. Beijing became the first city whose annual purchase volume and sales volume of natural gas both reached ten million stere in China and ranked No.3 in the world thereby.

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