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Laboratory Management
Our laboratory learns actively and introduces advanced international technical standards, prepares operating instructions, keeps expanding testing methods, researches, develops, designs and purchases leading domestic and international testing standard equipment and testing technology solutions to meet the needs for the detection and calibration of smart instruments, which includes temperature adaptability test standards, double Roots Standard meter method gas flow standard device, Spark direct reading spectrometer, walk-in high and low temperature laboratory, Agilent power analyzer, high performance oscilloscope, signal generator, signal analyzer, network analyzer, EMC tester, piston flow standard devices.
The laboratory of Goldcard is the only testing institute which carries out the international CNAS mutual recognition, has the actual gas flow calibration device, the isothermal method temperature adaptability test device and the piston-type gas flow standard device with 0.07% accuracy.
Nine Laboratories
Introducing advanced measurement standards First established temperature suitability standard device Won the honor of "Zhejiang Key Flowmeter laboratory"
Implement IPD R & D Management Process Following the standard of Netherlands NMI laboratory and the product won EU MID certification Established the highest standards of piston-type flowmeter with the uncertainty of 0.07%, and passed the measurement technology agency's assessment
In accordance with ISO / IEC17025 "The General Requirements of Testing and Calibration Laboratory Capabilities" to establish laboratory management system, and accepted CNAS experts on-site assessment.
Certified by CNAS and got certificate.
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