The Top 15 ‘Windbreaker’ Breeds

dog flu hits chicago

Here’s a bit of fun today. I’m sure you’ve been sitting there watching TV with friends or just about to start a meal when this almighty smell hits you! We get it all the time with Buster our Labrador Retriever, not so much with little Suzi our Shih Tzu – it must be a lady thing!

dog flu hits chicago
Surely I Don’t Smell! I’m A Shih Tzu!

And YES…..our beloved Shih Tzu makes it on the list, but at what number?

Which dog breeds are the kings and queens of breaking wind? When your fur baby is adept at breaking wind then there’s a good chance their pretty good at snoring too! Leave us a comment below if you’ve a dog that fits this description 🙂

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