Stubborn Shih Tzu – Fetch Dougie!


Dougie Is One Stubborn Shih Tzu

If you are a Shih Tzu owner then the chances are that you’ve noticed that your little darling can be less than responsive when it comes to playing fetch, or anything else that your Shih Tzu DOESN’T want to do!

The little fur babies are renowned for their ‘character’ and little Dougie is no exception! Dougie Fetch – Not a chance! But little Dougie has to be one of the cutest Shih Tzu that you have ever seen. We love Dougie and show the world that you do to 🙂

Have you a stubborn Shih Tzu – Let us know below, we’d love to hear if he or she can match Dougie!

Fetch Dougie!

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