Is Your Shih Tzu Suffering From Stress? 10 Vital Signs

shih tzu
Stress - Know The Vital Signs!

Stress – Know These Vital Signs

This important article was featured in the Ruffington Post on July 14th 2014 and we would like to thank them for highlighting these signs to determine if our Shih Tzu is suffering from stress. We as humans suffer stress almost on a daily basis but have we ever stopped to think about our ‘little friend’ until now? I know that I didn’t! Here is an extract from the Ruffington Post:

shih tzu
Stress – Know The Vital Signs!

You might have noticed your dog stressing out over the first few summer holidays, especially after the fireworks over 4th of July. I’m still hearing random fireworks going off almost 2 weeks after the 4th! Even all the excitement of preparing for a party is enough to stress out our 4 legged friends. With several bar-b-que and big celebration holidays left, it is important to be able to pick up on canine stress signs in order to help them deal with it as best as we can.

It is important to know that leaving a few lights on, closing the curtains and adding some familiar sounds like a TV or stereo when going out or leaving for long periods of time can help soothe a pets anxiety. Make sure to lock up tight so they don’t run off scared or looking for you. Also leave them with some new puzzle toys to distract them from you leaving.

Can you tell when your pet is stressed out and what is the best way you have found to try and deal with it?

Check out these other tips to help identify signs of stress in your dog and how to help them out:

To help identify stress, Arden said to look for the following signals:

– Excessive licking of paws, nose or lips

– Panting that isn’t heat related

– Pacing

– Trembling

– Pinning back ears and cowering

– Hiding

– Refusing treats

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Article Source: Ruffington Post

Image Source: Robert Nunnally on Flickr