Shih Tzu Rescue – Biscuit Is One Amazing Dog

Shih Tzu Rescue
Shih Tzu Rescue - Biscuit Lived Wild For 2 Years!

Shih Tzu Rescue – 2 Years On The Run!

Shih Tzu Rescue
Shih Tzu Rescue – Biscuit Lived Wild For 2 Years!

We know that our beloved Shih Tzu are resilient little darlings but Biscuit is in a league of his own. Biscuit was only a puppy when he ran away from his owners after having him for less than 24 hours. Devastated, they never stopped searching for their little one. Watch the video and read some of this incredible story below courtesy of WUSA9:

Biscuit the Shih Tzu was just a puppy when he ran away from his new owner who had him less than 24 hours. It took police, animal control officers and members of the community two years to catch him.

“I think he’s gorgeous. And I definitely thought he was very, very cute the first time I ever saw him,” said Mary Ann Rashid.

Biscuit now leads a charmed life in Oakton, Virginia, adopted by the Rashid family.

“He has us wrapped around his four little paws, he really does,” said Faisal Rashid.

But in April of 2013, when Biscuit was finally surrounded by about 15 people and captured, he was tick-covered mass of matted hair and bones after two years on the run in Franconia.

“My reaction was ‘Oh my God, we got him. I can’t believe we got him,” said Fairfax County Animal Control Officer Enna Lugo. Shewho never gave up on catching Biscuit, who scavenged for food, endured the elements, and somehow avoided getting hit by a car or attacked by predator.

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Said Officer Lugo, “Sometimes I’d look over and scan. I’m like, ‘oh, he’s not here today. And I’d go to move to a different spot and he’d raise his head. I’m like ‘oh my God, he was right in front of me’ and I couldn’t see him because he just blended with the leaves and everything.”

Her greatest fear was that Biscuit’s condition would be so poor, he couldn’t be saved. But the ten pound dog emerged from the woods with just a scratch on his eye.

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Source: WUSA9