Shih Tzu Rescue – Vets Spend 5 Hours Shaving Little Bentley

shih tzu rescue

Another Shih Tzu Rescue

shih tzu rescueIf easy offended then please do not read this, thankfully there is a happy ending. Here is yet another awful case of an adorable Shih Tzu being neglected and left for dead. Poor Bentley the Shih Tzu even had petrol soaked through his coat. Here is an extract from The Mail Online:

A team of vets spent five hours shaving off two kilograms of matted, petrol-coated fur from the coat of a neglected dog whose owner dumped him at a rescue center having never had him groomed.

Bentley, a white Shih Tzu, was so timid when first taken into vets’ care he flinched whenever a human tried to touch him.

He was dropped off at a dog rescue centre in Meltham, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom by an owner who ‘couldn’t bear to touch him,’ volunteer Kathy Trout said.

His coat was so covered in petrol, she said, a drink of water may have poisoned him if any fur had got in his mouth.

‘He came into our rescue from a member of the public.

‘His fur was very, very long and matted like felt and all his legs were like tree trunks with chemical smelling fur.

‘It looked like he was thick with oil, fuel or petrol. He really, really stank.’

His owner, who arrived in a ‘shiny 4×4’ could not even bear to pick him up, she added.

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Source: The Mail Online