My Dearest Maxie… My Loving Shih Tzu Memorial


Rest in Peace Maxie..

I’m wholeheartedly sorry,
I couldn’t bear to stand seeing like that.
you don’t deserve to suffer like that,
you didn’t deserve any of it.

I knew you were scared,

I could hear it in your voice
and I could see it in your eyes..
I’m so sorry Maxie..
you came into my life unexpectedly back in 1999.

Fifteen Wonderful Years Of Love

For the next 15 years you gave me the best 15 years of my life
and have been through everything with me
from the ups to the downs.

You gave me the unconditional love no other person could..
you left behind your wife and daughter.

I know they’ll miss was the hardest day of my life.

I shed so many tears it hurt so much.

I held you close and tight before you god took you away.

Always knew that nothing would ever replace you,
I won’t ever get another animal for as long as I live.

I still remember that day 15 years ago,
I never expected to have you.

Goodbye my little Maxie.. rest in peace..

28/05/99 – 14/10/14

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