In Loving Memory of my Daughter Chiquitita (Chiqui ) – Shih Tzu


It’s been two years that you left me! !

But not one day,
not one moment do I stop thinking of you!

I miss u so much!!

I remember the day I saw you. ..
that day we knew we were meant for each other!!

Tiny And Adorable

U were so tiny and soo adorable.

U was sent to earth to fill my heart with so much love
that I couldn’t comprehend how I could love something so much!!!

U made me feel so special when you showed me how much u loved me!!

Like A Gift From Heaven

And I wanted to thank you for my gift u sent me from heaven!!

When I thought I would never love another furbaby
other than my grandson because he was an extension of you!!

But when I went to the pet store just to look around
in the back there was one little puppy all by her self
… but I sensed her !!


I Knew She Was For Me

When I picked her up and looked in her eyes
I knew she was for me
and she wrapped her little tinny paws around my fingers and not letting go !!

Amazingly her birth date was the same of ur departing! !!

So now I know how love has no boundaries! !

Some day we will be together !!!


(From the editor here at I love Shih Tzu)

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