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Phoenix nirvana rebirth, join hands with digital transformation | Goldcard ENESYS and Hangzhou Gas start DT era new customer service platform

On March 8, the opening meeting of Hangzhou Gas Residential User Management System Reconstruction Project was held in Hangzhou Gas headquarters. Goldcard ENESYS as the selected partner participated in the launch meeting.


Hangzhou Gas is the largest urban gas operator in Zhejiang province. The group has built more than 6,000 kilometers of high, middle and low pressure pipelines and operated more than 4,000 stations (points), directly serving more than 1.2 million users and benefiting more than 4.5 million people.


In 1993, Hangzhou gas developed and put into use the first set of resident user management system, leading the national gas industry. Over the past 20 years, the customer service management system has served more than 1.2 million users. With the development of new technologies and the business expansion of Hangzhou gas, higher requirements have been put forwarded for the whole business support, process management, advanced technology support and flexible expansion, the system has entered the reconstruction stage of "secondary development".


The Project Goal includes:

● To enhance the enterprise informatization level, gradually build it into a natural gas business whole life cycle informatization management platform 

● Optimize the work interface of front-line employees, reduce the work burden of employees and improve work efficiency

● Inherit the management style and business mode of Hangzhou Gas, support seamless data switch from the systems currently in use

● Fully consider the space and ability of the secondary development, improve response speed to market changes and user needs

●  It covers the headquarters, subordinate branches and holding subsidiaries of Hangzhou Gas Group Co., LTD

Mr. Cong, deputy general manager of Goldcard ENESYS gave overall introduction of the solution from the aspects of business, technology, and project implementation plan. On the basis of the original system, reconstruct brand new business, meter reading, construction, accounting, onsite security check and support systems etc., and realize seamless integration with another 16 sets of third party systems, break through data barriers, establish a 360° panoramic user data view, to digitalize the business, so as to bring in value added business through big data. 


Meanwhile, through server virtualization, to achieve flexible expansion; through load balancing, to avoid single point of failure; Improve the overall security through cluster design; Improve application performance by building a history library.


Mr. Zhu Yangzhou, vice President of Goldcard, said at the meeting, Hangzhou Gas, as the largest gas company in front of the Goldcard’s home city, will become the promotion window of Goldcard Smart in Hangzhou. Goldcard and ENESYS software will live up to the trust, with full enthusiasm and high level professional technical, to hand in a satisfactory answer sheet to Hangzhou gas.



Ms. zhu Qinjun, Vice President of Hangzhou Gas, holds full expectations to the project, she encouraged all members of the project team in the meeting: "the reconstruction of the residential user management system is to change the original concrete structure into a steel structure. I hope we can see the phoenix reborn after the reconstruction. I also hope that our project will be advanced in terms of the underlying technology, development language and technical architecture, as well as growth. After the end of the project, the system will have space for self-growth under the development of new technologies. I hope our project can become a typical benchmark of the industry and a new model of digital transformation of the industry.

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