Community Helps Injured Shih Tzu

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Community Rallies For Neglected Shih Tzu

shih tzuTwo homeless people found a badly injured Shih Tzu at the side of the road and kindly took the dog to the nearest Fire Department. After being examined by a local veterinarian the Shih Tzu was found to have multiple fractures in both of it’s back legs. The vet says that this little Shih Tzu has learnt to adapt to it’s injuries and is able to move around without the use of it’s back legs!

The little Shih Tzu was found with multiple injuries and taken to the local vet for treatment…..

Here is a preview of the article that was published by WZZM13:

A West Michigan veterinarian is asking for help for a young injured dog rescued by two homeless people and members of the community.

Blitz is a shih-tzu found in the last few weeks in downtown Grand Rapids. Two homeless people found Blitz injured and took it to the Grand Rapids Fire Department.

Firefighters helped get the dog to the Kent County animal shelter, which sent Blitz to Kelley’s Animal Clinic in Walker.

Dr. James Kelley says Blitz had serious fractures to his rear legs, requiring the insertion of pins to repair them.

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