4 Ways To Massage Your Shih Tzu

how to massage your shih tzu
The beloved Shih Tzu will just love this!

How To Massage Your Shih Tzu

how to massage your shih tzu
The beloved Shih Tzu will just love this!

Yes, it’s official….whilst most of us like nothing better than pampering ourselves with a nice massage it is also something that your Shih Tzu would love too, and why not! Massage is fantastic for lowering blood pressure for both the giver and receiver and is a real ‘pick me up’ for your fur-baby.

Here is a really great article from Modern Dog on how best to massage your dog:

In just ten minutes a day, you can give your dog a “maintenance” massage.

Use a flat palm to slowly touch all the parts of your dog’s body. Really focus on what you are feeling and pay attention to all the layers, from hair through skin, fat, muscle, and down to bone.

Meanwhile, Liverlover is basking in the attention and loving the extra “petting.” However, there is more to these massages than just quality time together.

After a few days, you will have a clear picture of what is normal for your dog’s body. In future sessions, you will be quick to notice any differences in surface temperature, sensitivity to touch, localized swelling or muscle tension, poor coat quality or tight skin.

Left undetected, these things can lead to problems requiring medical care, medications, or even surgery. Knowing what feels normal for your dog can also help you provide better information for your veterinarian, trainer, or massage practitioner.

This is one way that regular massage can add to the length and quality of your dog’s life.

Click on the link below to see the 4 best ways to massage your Shih Tzu:

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Source: Find this and other great articles at Modern Dog

Picture: Gyver Chang on Flickr