4 Pounds Of Fur Removed From Abandoned Shih Tzu

shih tzu neglect
Ziggy the Shih Tzu has had 4 pounds of fur removed!
shih tzu neglect
Ziggy the Shih Tzu has had 4 pounds of fur removed!

Every day we unfortunately see more and more images of animals being abused, and Ziggy the Shih Tzu  is no exception. His matted fur and nails meant that Ziggy no longer knew how to walk! How can people do these things?

Can you believe how bad Ziggy the Shih Tzu was! A special thanks goes out to Newsday for highlighting the plight of this little dog and the SPCA Babylon Animal Shelter and why laws need to be strengthened!

4 Pounds Of Stinky Fur Removed From Shih Tzu

Here is a preview of the article that was first featured in Newsday in July 2014:

A Shih Tzu type dog, which has been named Ziggy, was brought to the Babylon Town shelter in West Babylon, and it took workers more than three hours to shave 4 pounds of stinky, black fur from the dog, who now weighs 11 pounds, the SPCA said. (Credit: SPCA, Babylon Animal Shelter)

A dog was found in an abandoned house in Lindenhurst, its matted fur and nails so overgrown that the animal no longer knows how to walk correctly, the Suffolk County SPCA said.

A $2,000 reward is being offered in the case of the Shih Tzu-type dog, which a person said he found July 17 at 131 S. Seventh St., a house he knew was abandoned, SPCA chief Roy Gross said Thursday.

Neighbors told investigators that the prior tenants had moved out almost a year ago, but investigators don’t believe the dog was there that long, he said.

It’s unclear how long the dog was in the house, but neighbors said they never saw this dog with the prior tenants, Gross said. “Somebody may have dumped the dog in there,” he said.

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4 Pounds Of Fur Removed From Abandoned Shih Tzu

Source:  Newsday

Pictures:  SPCA Babylon Animal Shelter

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