10 Essential Tips When Travelling With Your Shih Tzu

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shih tzuWe all love going on vacation right? But we can’t bear to leave our furry friend behind. The option…..take them with you! However, there are some Essential things you must consider before you set off, otherwise your vacation could easily turn into a nightmare for you and your dog – Here are a few essentials courtesy of Healthline:

Going on vacation with your Shih Tzu offers a host of pampering possibilities these days. Many hotels now offer pet amenities, catering to your little darling. However, before you get too lost in the excitement of your vacation getaway, make sure you’re taking everything into consideration. You need to get there somehow. While you may do just fine on the road or in the air, how will your pet handle the adjustment?

First off, ask yourself if your pet is suited for travel.

What’s your Shih Tzu temperament ?

How healthy is your Shih Tzu for travel? Does your dog have a physical condition or illness?
It’s a good idea to speak with your vet to determine if your furry friend should travel. If the vet doesn’t anticipate any problems, your next step is planning how to travel safely with your pet.

Before You Go

Before the big trip, arrange for a smaller trip to the vet. Your pet will definitely need a medical checkup and an up-to-date vaccination record. The veterinarian will also provide your pet’s health certificate which you’ll need if you’re traveling out of the country, or for interstate travel.

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Image Source: Toshihiro Gamo on Flickr